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Dr. Pablo Fagúndez

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Dental Services

Health is first

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Dr. Pablo Fagúndez

Your health is my priority

My holistic approach to dentistry helps me view each patient as a whole rather than just treating a malocclusion. This is one of several methods that I apply when making diagnostics.
Their health, function, and aesthetics deserve proper and unique care.
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The care you deserve

For years patients have come to me for this valuable service. I offer this and other options to anyone who needs a trusted Dentist - Orthodontist.
I am Pablo Fagúndez and I am dedicated to creating lasting relationships with each patient, based on trust, professional ethics and successful results.


About us

The history

Dental Porto is a clinic for orthodontic and dentomaxillofacial orthopedic treatments that arises referring to the beautiful city located in the north of Portugal, Porto, also known as Porto. It is the owner of a great landscape, with beautiful colors, a lot of history and very beautiful beaches. A sensational place for pleasure and enjoyment. That same feeling is what we seek to offer in our clinic, a place where those who arrive feel welcome, comfortable and important, with totally personalized attention.
For us, each case is unique, so each treatment is given the time, study and attention it deserves. For this, we use state-of-the-art technology worldwide and applied to diagnosis, visualizing every detail and thus reducing the margin of error.
With the aim of improving your oral health and achieving your best smile is that all our treatments, both in children and in adults, are made with materials of the highest quality, recognized brands and with many years being world leaders.
We are waiting for you so that you can live your own experience, enjoying a delicious coffee or a tasty juice accompanied by a beautiful view of the city of Montevideo.

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3D Digital Diagnostics


Airway Study


Temporomandibular Joint Study


Bracket placement digitally



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Generation of Aesthetic Aligners


TORRES NUEVOCENTRO, Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 3355, 11600 Montevideo, Department of Montevideo, Uruguay

099 321 842

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Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 3355, 11600 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay


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